Prior to January 2018 we were called Hurstpierpoint Evangelical Church. With a new year we committed to a new name which simply sums up who we feel we are.

God has made us a family of people who follow Jesus. We’re from different backgrounds, we’re of different ages and stages but we follow Jesus. We aim to be those who follow him closely and introduce others to him.

We’re people who love Jesus and because we love Jesus we love his word, the Bible. We’re unashamed of the whole of the Bible even the tricky bits. That’s not because we think it’s all really easy to understand or take in but because all of it is God’s word. All of it is true and good. So we want to hear what God has to say in every situation. That’s why we emphasise the Bible on Sundays, in our midweek groups and in the way we organise ourselves.

Our focus is Hurstpierpoint because that’s where we find ourselves but we do have regulars who come from Sayers Common and Hassocks as well.